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Terms and Conditions

  1. General
    1. By using the website or installing the software, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the casino's Terms and Conditions, and agree to comply with them. You further acknowledge that non-compliance with any casino terms and conditions could lead to your account being closed, disqualification from any promotion, the possible forfeiture of wins and /or the taking of Legal Action should it be deemed necessary by casino management.
    2. Crypto Thrills reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions with or without prior notice at any time. The onus is on the player to regularly check the Terms and Conditions for any amendments.
    3. For ease of reference the currency used in the terms and conditions will be displayed as mBTC, however, the actual value will apply to the player’s currency of choice upon registration. Therefore 1mBTC = 1 mBCH = 1mLTC.
      For example, the maximum withdrawal of 10 mBTC on point, will apply as follows:
      • ● 10 mBTC for players who have selected BTC upon registration
      • ● 10 mBCH for players who have selected BCH upon registration
      • ● 10 mLTC for players who have selected LTC upon registration
  2. Accepted Players
    1. The website only accepts adult players (18 years and older) and players who have reached the legal age for online gambling as specified by the existing laws in the jurisdiction where the player resides. It is the players sole responsibility to ensure that he/she is abiding by the existing laws and regulations regarding the age limit for online gambling, in the given jurisdiction.
    2. Crypto Thrills reserves the right to consider any claim against the company null and void with regards to the above. The casino will further refuse any winnings to any player found to be in breach of the above. Crypto Thrills reserves the right to ask for proof of age and close or suspend the player’s account until satisfactory proof of age is provided. Should you live in such an area where online gambling is not allowed, or are under the necessary legal age, and you receive any correspondence from Crypto Thrills, we apologize for the error and ask that you please ignore the correspondence.
    3. Any use of Crypto Thrills software or services is at your sole discretion and risk. Employees and immediate family members of Crypto Thrills and any company or entity associated to it in any way (distributors, affiliates, licensees, subsidiaries, media partners, retailers, wholesalers, advertising, promotion or other agencies) are prohibited from taking part in any service or promotion offered by Crypto Thrills. Players may not make use of robots to play any of the casinos’ games.
  3. One Account and True Player Identity
    1. In order to play at Crypto Thrills online casino, players will need to register one personal user account. As part of the process, players need to choose a valid email address as the account name / sign-in. This is important to ensure that player log-in details are safe and secure and that details such as email addresses are correct because communication regarding weekly bonuses and other offers, will be sent to that email address.
    2. Players will have to choose a password to log in to the site. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that their username and passwords are secure. Any use of the software application through the player's username is the sole responsibility of the player. Should you suspect someone of fraudulently using your password to play on your account, you should contact Customer Support immediately to change your password and take any other appropriate action.
    3. Players are allowed to have only one account at Crypto Thrills and there are no costs associated with opening your account. Crypto Thrills reserves the right to close all multiple accounts and, should management have reasonable grounds to suspect that the multiple accounts were opened with fraudulent intentions, the casino reserves the right to cancel any transaction related to the suspected fraud attempt.
    4. Players must only use wallet addresses that are valid and in their name, especially with regards to withdrawals and depositing of funds to and from a player casino account.
    5. Should any player be found using a VPN, all winnings resulting from it will be made null and void.
  4. Taxes
    1. Players are solely responsible for the paying of any or all local taxes, payable in player jurisdiction relating to any prize winnings or withdrawals made in relation to a player account at Crypto Thrills.
    2. By accepting a prize or withdrawing any winnings players acknowledge and agree to this stipulation.
  5. Disputes and Discrepancies
    1. If you have a complaint, claim or dispute regarding the outcome of any activity at Crypto Thrills you will need to submit your complaint to, in writing, as soon as possible.
    2. Please note that the decision of Crypto Thrills management will be final and binding. Should you encounter a discrepancy between the results on the Crypto Thrills gaming server and your own results on your computer or preferred device, the results on our server shall be considered correct and final.
  6. Player Confidentiality Guarantee
    1. Private player information is collected when players register, respond to communication or contact Customer Support.. Personal player data is available to Crypto Thrills employees, employees of the software provider, or other service providers who assist Crypto Thrills in providing gambling services to the end users. All parties to whom the players’ information is disclosed treat it as confidential according to the corresponding agreements and laws. The data is fully protected from unauthorized access.Crypto Thrills complies with data and privacy laws and treats all customer information with strict confidentiality.
    2. Unless you agree to your nickname being used in promotional material (such as if you win a big progressive jackpot or competition) Crypto Thrills guarantees your anonymity. Your personal information, contact details etc, will only be used by Crypto Thrills to communicate and alert you of casino activity, promotions, bonuses and other news that affect your play.
    3. Crypto Thrills will not sell, transfer, trade or rent your details out to any party. Information regarding players’ deposits, winnings, cash-outs, etc are strictly confidential and is not disclosed to third parties without prior consent of the player unless otherwise required by law. 6.4 All personal information submitted to Crypto Thrills is considered privileged and is protected using a 100% secure, 2048-bit technology, an industry standard to guarantee safe and secure online transactions.
    4. In the event that Crypto Thrills discovers that a player has participated in any type of fraudulent actions, such as game manipulation, payment fraud, provision of false personal data, etc., the casino reserves the right to disclose such player’s personal data to the relevant authorities.
    5. Casino Thrills is committed to providing 100% secure gambling services to players to ensure that no data is lost, stolen or misused.
  7. Additional Player Conditions
    1. Any material(s) obtained from Crypto Thrills are automatically void if counterfeited, reproduced, forged, mutilated, tampered with or altered in any way. Any and all materials submitted for prize claims are the property of this casino and will not be returned. Crypto Thrills is not responsible for lost, incomplete, illegible, late, damaged, mutilated or misdirected requests, prize claims or entries.
    2. Liability for materials obtained from Crypto Thrills containing any error is limited to replacement.
    3. Crypto Thrills does not undertake to notify Players that they have outstanding balances to collect. You are responsible for withdrawing or playing out any funds that are held in your casino account.
    4. Please note that if any malfunction voids all plays, and pays, Crypto Thrills will not be held liable for for any disruptions due to technical reasons, or other, that is outside of the company’s/casino’s control.
    5. Crypto Thrills reserves the right to limit or refuse any wager.
    6. Crypto Thrills also reserves the right to withdraw or suspend any game, tournament, competition, promotion, bonus, loyalty program or any of its associated benefits. This is at the sole discretion of casino management who will NOT BE LIABLE in the event of such a cancellation.
    7. Crypto Thrills will not be liable for any damages in the following scenarios:
      1. For any damage which may be caused to the Player by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted over the Internet.
      2. For fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout, or industrial action of any kind.
      3. Any event or major occurrence that is out of our control.
      4. Telecommunications or any other data transmission system failings that lead to delays, losses, errors, or omissions.
      5. For any loss as a result of any act of God. (Earthquakes, floods, lightning etc.)
      6. For an outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism.
      7. For the acts of Government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent).
      8. Crypto Thrills’ central computer system (or any part thereof) failing.
    8. Crypto Thrills will not force you to honor any obligation other than what is provided for by our Terms and Conditions. Similarly you cannot force Crypto Thrills to honor any obligation outside the parameters of our rules and regulations.
    9. Any form of cheating, suspicious or pattern behaviour will result in winnings being forfeited and your relevant funds being refunded back to you.
    10. The player shall forfeit any winnings made as a result of computer or software error. In such an event Crypto Thrills shall be liable for your initial deposit only. Cheating of any sort shall result in the forfeiture of all balances in your account. Such forfeiture does not prevent Crypto Thrills from instigating legal action, should it be deemed appropriate. Any attempt to circumvent the casino bonus system by benefiting off of playing with cryptocurrency and then trying to attempt to win off a bonus not forming part of deposit balance ( or vice versa) is considered deliberate cheating and winnings will be forfeited as well as any deposit returned to the player regardless of the funds being won from the bonus.
    11. Crypto Thrills, together with its partners, directors, officers, media, promotion or other affiliated agencies, as well as licensees, distributors or any employees or any other affiliated entities, are indemnified from all costs, liabilities, damages or expenses that may arise from any player's use of this casino’s software or any other service, or promotional activity.
    12. Crypto Thrills, or any derivative of it are registered trademarks, service marks and/or trade names of the casino, its subsidiaries, licensors or any associated companies. All material used by Crypto Thrills, including but not limited to its unique software, images, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio, graphics, pictures, text or any other intellectual property are owned by the Casino - no player has rights to anything created for or by Crypto Thrills. All materials are protected by copyright and may not be used unless explicit written consent is provided by Crypto Thrills.
    13. Crypto Thrills and our designated agents may investigate any Real Account Holder's credit worthiness should it be deemed necessary. This is to the benefit, and for the protection of, the casino and the individual player.
    14. Crypto Thrills reserves the right to report any and all suspicious activity that could be in contravention of the laws related to funds laundering and other criminal acts such as:
      1. The suspected intention to conceal or disguise funds accrued from illegal activities.
      2. Suspicion that criminal activity is facilitated through the use of Crypto Thrills software and services.
      3. The use of funds suspected to have been accrued through illegal activity.
    15. Should Crypto Thrills management suspect any fraudulent activity at any of our casinos, the casino reserves the right to:
      1. Withhold funds held in a suspect account.
      2. Refuse access to any entity affiliated to the casino.
      3. Deactivate or close the player’s casino account.
      4. Report the matter to the authorities - submit and compile a report of the activity.
    16. All players who make a deposit, must wager the deposit amount at least once, before any withdrawal will be allowed. Eg: If a player deposits 10 mBTC, the player will need to place bets totalling 10 mBTC on any game before a withdrawal will be permitted.
    17. Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interests of fair gaming, equal, zero or low margin bets (example: placing bets on 25 or more numbers on a Roulette table) or hedge betting, shall all be considered irregular gaming. Other examples of irregular game play include but are not limited to, placing single OR multiple bets on a single game equal to or in excess of 30% of the value of the bonus credited to the account until such time as the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met, or doubling up on consecutive hands on a Blackjack game. Should the casino deem that irregular game play has occurred; the casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings.
  8. Bonus Terms and Conditions - General
    1. By playing at Crypto Thrills casino, it is deemed that you have read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions for Bonuses, Tournaments, Competitions and Promotions, as well as the Terms and Conditions that govern any specific promotions at Crypto Thrills.
    2. The General Bonus Terms and Conditions are liable to change from time to time. It is the player's responsibility to regularly check the General Bonus Terms and Conditions. Please be sure to always read the general Bonus Terms and Conditions in conjunction with the specific Bonus terms and conditions regarding any bonus/promotion.
    3. Employees and immediate family members of Crypto Thrills and any company or entity associated to it in any way (distributors, affiliates, licensees, subsidiaries, media partners, retailers, wholesalers, advertising, promotion or other agencies) may not take part in any bonus or promotion offered by Crypto Thrills.
      1. A free player bonus can be claimed only once per account/IP address/household/person.
      2. To claim a bonus, the minimum deposit is 5 mBTC (or its equivalent in any crypto currency accepted at Crypto Thrills), unless otherwise indicated in the Terms and Conditions.
    4. Players who have never deposited at the casino, may only make a withdrawal on any bonus, free spins or loyalty points, once a real deposit (minimum 5 mBTC) has been made by the player. The deposit made, will not be combined with the withdrawal amount, but rather placed in the player’s account once the withdrawal has been paid out. The player will then have access to the deposit amount as a ‘cash’ balance subject to all normal casino terms and conditions. All promotions at Crypto Thrills are by invitation only. No withdrawal is allowed as long as there are active and / or pending bonuses which have withdrawal restrictions until play through requirements are satisfied.
      1. A player is only permitted to claim one free bonus offer on their casino account, where no deposit is required. This includes free funds offers and free spins offers. Should a player claim more than one free bonus offer (in succession without making a purchase), any winnings generated from this bonus will be null and void.
      2. Table and Video Poker Game Restrictions: New players are restricted from using match offers on their first 3 deposits at any of the casino’s video poker and table games. The casino reserves the right to void any withdrawal made if a new player is found in contravention of this rule. New players are welcome to use their first three deposit match bonuses on Slots, Keno or Scratch Card games.
      3. Deposit Match Bonus claims on deposits that have been wagered in full (to a zero balance), will be subject to the sole discretion of the Casino and a maximum withdrawal rule of 10 mBTC.
      4. Where a Discretionary/Free bonus is awarded (excluding Deposit Match Bonuses) by the Casino Support Staff, the bonus rewarded will have a maximum withdrawal rule of 10 mBTC imposed as stated in Section 10. Deposit Match Bonuses of less than or equal to 100% do not have a maximum withdrawal restriction. Deposit Match Bonuses greater than 100% carry a 260 mBTC maximum withdrawal.
    5. Free Spins
      1. Free Spins promotion may only be claimed once by a single person/account/IP address/household, where no deposit is required.
      2. If free spins are received as part of a deposit bonus, the deposit amount must be played first before any withdrawal can be made. Should a withdrawal occur before the deposit is wagered, all free spins granted will be deemed null and void, as well as any funds won using these free spins.
      3. Any winnings via free spins will be credited to the player’s bonus funds account, and will then be subject to Crypto Thrills Standard Terms and Conditions, as well as rollover requirements and bonus terms.
      4. The playthrough requirement for free spins is 40x the amount won using them unless otherwise stated in the individual bonus’ terms and conditions.
      5. All free spins bonuses carry a cash out multiplier which means that the maximum value that can be converted to cash is 5 times the value of the free spin bonus. A maximum cash-in amount applies to standard Free Money/Free Spins/Loyalty Points Redeemed/Competition or Tournament Prizes where there is no deposit required.
    6. Wagering Requirements By Playing on Slots at Crypto Thrills:
      1. Only wagering made using bonus funds will count towards the wagering requirement. Bonus funds use begins when the original deposit has been completely used. Playing for free does not count towards the wagering requirement.
      2. An amount equal or exceeding that of the deposit must be wagered before any winnings can be received via free spins.
      3. Any winnings using free spins is regarded as bonus funds. It will only be converted to real funds once the wagering requirements are met.
      4. When a bonus is active, the maximum bet amount allowed is 10 mBTC. Exceeding this bet amount could result in winnings being forfeited.
      5. The free spins bonus won must form part of the deposit, failure to do so infers active participation to circumvent the casino bonus system and will result in forfeiting any winnings.
      6. Free Spins can only be used on a specific game or games, as indicated in a promotion, and they cannot be transferred.
      7. Free Spins with predefined conditions will be credited to an account once the player has successfully deposited and wagered at least 10 mBTC, unless otherwise stated.
      8. Free Spins without a depositing requirement are only available to players who have made at least one deposit over a specified period of time, unless otherwise stated.
    7. Wagering for Bonuses - Play through Requirements

      (% contribution per game as follows):
      • Slots - 100%
      • Roulette - 50%
      • Three Card Poker - 50%
      • Baccarat - 25%
      • Video Poker - 10%
      • Blackjack - 5%
      • Keno - 100%

      * Percentage of wager placed that counts towards meeting wagering requirement.

      1. Bonus funds, where no deposit is required, need to be played through 40x before a player can make a withdrawal.
      2. Bonus funds (any match offer) needs to be wagered through 40x by all Tier players before a player can make a withdrawal.
      3. All and any withdrawal or pending withdrawal will result in the voiding of the right to receive the remaining bonuses.
      4. In order to withdraw cash prizes won from tournaments, leaderboards or any other competitions, a deposit must have been made prior to the events’ commencement.
      5. For free spins offers that are additional to a match deposit offer (ie. offered as part of a match deposit package as an added bonus), the maximum withdrawal allowed is 10 mBTC on those particular free spins. EXCLUSION: Any free spins offers not applicable to this rule will be so stated by casino management.
      6. Each individual player is entitled to one (1) consolidated account only. Winnings will only be paid to players having one account. In cases where a player has more than one consolidated account, winnings will be voided.
      7. Each player may only partake in one bonus-promotion per deposit. If a player receives more than one bonus-promotion per specific deposit, any winnings will be voided.
      8. Only one deposit match bonus can be claimed per deposit. All deposit match bonuses need to be claimed immediately once a deposit has been made and before any single wager can be placed with the original deposit. If a player chooses to wager the deposit amount first and then proceeds to claim the deposit match bonus thereafter, all funds accumulated from winning on the deposit match bonus is then considered null and void. The casino would then reserve the right to forfeit any such winning. The casino views this as a deliberate and fraudulent act to circumvent the benefit that deposit match bonuses are meant to serve as.
      9. Please read carefully regarding Sequential and Alternative offers
        • Sequential offers: Promotional bonuses that are offered as a package must be claimed in the sequence provided unless otherwise indicated.
        • Alternative offers: Promotional bonuses that are offered with an option to choose between 2 or more deposit bonus offers / free “no deposit” offers (ie. Claim “this offer” OR “that offer”) will require a player to claim ONLY ONE of the options presented, regardless of how many deposits are made during that promotional period. Should a player succeed in claiming both offers, they will be found in contravention of promotion terms and conditions and any winnings accrued will be rendered void (with your deposit value refunded).
      10. For the purpose of all bonus-promotions, dates and times shall be calculated according to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) unless otherwise indicated.
      11. Where bonuses or promotions relate to a specific individual or casino account, the offers are only valid in respect of the individual or casino account number, as specified in the offer communicated.
      12. Promotional or Bonus offers via email are for the intended recipient only. The offers cannot be transferred to a third party.
      13. Irregularities between the personal details of the Real account holder, and the personal details of the individual identified with the method used to make deposits, will invalidate any offer extended by Crypto Thrills.
      14. Any player deviating from the promotional rules will be disqualified and winnings voided.
    8. Crypto Thrills reserves the right:
      1. To deny a player any bonus where a player has been identified as a bonus abuser at Crypto Thrills. In such cases, the original deposit will be refunded, however, the player will not benefit from the bonus or promotion he /she is judged to have abused.
      2. To refuse a promotion or bonus for any reason deemed valid and appropriate including, but not restricted to, promotion abuse by a player.
      3. To close accounts at any time, particularly when registration information is discovered to be incorrect or misleading, or when casino management deems the player's participation to be dishonest.
      4. To audit any and all withdrawals and reserves the right to reclaim bonuses or winnings for failed audits - the original deposit will be credited to the player's casino account.
      5. To discontinue or cancel any promotion or bonus if management deems it appropriate.
      6. Crypto Thrills promotions department is the sole judge in any dispute regarding any promotional offer.
      7. Each Promotional Term and Condition is severable from each of the other Terms and Conditions.
      8. If any of the terms are found invalid, unenforceable or void for any reason, the remaining Terms and Conditions shall remain in force.
      9. In order to qualify for subsequent bonuses, the player needs to make a minimum deposit of 5 mBTC between the last bonus credited to their casino account and the date of the next promotion offer.
      10. Reversed withdrawals are not considered deposits and will not be matched with a bonus.
      11. Crypto Thrills allows the following crypto currencies: mBTC (Milli Bitcoin), mBCH (Milli Bitcoin Cash) and mLTC (Milli Litecoin).
      12. Non–compliance with all promotion terms and conditions shall be deemed to be 'Promotion Abuse' and, as such, gives Crypto Thrills casino management the right to, at its sole discretion, take appropriate actions in order to facilitate a gaming experience that is fair, enjoyable and favorable to all parties involved.
    9. New Player Welcome Bonus
      1. Standard Terms and Conditions and Bonus Terms and Conditions apply to the New Player Welcome Bonus at Crypto Thrills.
      2. New Real Players qualify for the Deposit Match Bonus advertised on the website on their first deposit at Crypto Thrills.
      3. This promotion is limited to the initial (first) deposit made by a first time new Real Player and for use at Crypto Thrills only. The definition of First Deposit is the first deposit made by an individual at Crypto Thrills.
      4. A maximum bonus as per the advertised offer can be claimed and must be claimed by the player using the bonus code provided.
      5. In order to make a withdrawal, a player needs to wager 40x the bonus amount. Winnings earned via No Deposit Free Spins must be turned over 40x.
      6. Bets placed in the Gamble Game and Double Up features on slots do not count towards meeting the bonus play-through requirement of 40 times.
      7. Each New Player Match Bonus can be claimed only once per person, PC and IP address, family, household address, e-mail address, wallet address and environments where computers are shared (e.g. university, school, public library, workplace etc.)
      8. Crypto Thrills reserves the right to change the offer, adjust the bonus terms and conditions, or deny a proportion of the bonus due to Player misuse.
      9. The following players are not eligible and may not claim any Free Welcome Bonus Offers or Deposit Match Offers from our casino (either by invite or via our website). Free Welcome Bonus Offers and/or Deposit Match Offers refers to any offer made by our casino or an affiliate that may or may not require a deposit (e.g. free cash to play at the casino, free spins or deposit bonus). Should such an offer be claimed by any of these players, all winnings resulting from it will be made null and void. Players from these countries may only play their deposit:
        • Russia
        • Ukraine
      10. Games Medals Promotions
        1. To qualify for a medal prize, a player must make a minimum deposit of 5 mBTC on the day a medal is awarded on a game.
        2. Medal prizes cannot be claimed when playing with free funds, bonus funds or playing free spins.
        3. Medal prizes will be credited to players’ accounts on the business day following the end of the medals promotion.
        4. A player will qualify for a maximum of 1 medal prize, at the highest medal value per day of the promotion. For example, if a player wins a Blue, a Bronze, Silver and a Gold Medal on Big Game video slot and a Bronze medal on Code 211 video slot, the player will receive a prize for the highest medal earned, in this example - a prize for the Gold Medal.
        5. Bonus prizes awarded for medal promotions are subject to a 40x wagering requirement and a maximum withdrawal of 10 mBTC as per normal casino bonus T&Cs.
        6. If a player deposits 5 mBTC each day of the promotion and wins a medal on each day of the promotion, their total prize funds will be doubled. If a player should win all 5 medals during the promotional period and did deposit on each day that a medal was won, the player will receive a total prize bonus of 6 mBTC.
        7. All medal promotions are open to depositing players only and will run between the dates and times advertised on the email correspondence sent by the casino. Medals promotions will be held only on the games advertised in the email correspondence you received.
  9. Payout Procedure
    1. Withdrawals will be made to your preferred wallet address.
    2. All withdrawal requests will be processed immediately within the weekly limit, pending a brief audit. This process may take up to 30 minutes.
    3. Players can only withdraw the maximum amount per week as indicated for their respective tier level. In the event that a player attempts to withdraw more than he/she is eligible for in one week: only the maximum amount allowed will be processed, and the balance of his/her withdrawal will then be returned by the cashiers into the player’s casino account. Should funds requested for withdrawal be returned, to your account in this manner, neither the cashier nor the casino will be held responsible for any discrepancies or difficulties that may arise around your returned balance i.e. neither the cashier nor the casino will be held liable for any sort of delay in the availability of your returned funds or new wagering requirements in the case of an active bonus.
      1. Novice Tier Players will receive a maximum payout of 400 mBTC per week until the entire withdrawal amount has been paid out in full.
      2. Pro Tier Players will receive a maximum payout of 600 mBTC per week until the entire withdrawal amount has been paid out in full.
      3. All-Star Tier Players will receive a maximum payout of 900 mBTC per week until the entire withdrawal amount has been paid out in full.
      4. Hall of Fame Tier Players will receive a maximum payout of 1320 mBTC per week until the entire withdrawal amount has been paid out in full.
    4. Funds are drawn from your account and assigned to your wallet as soon as the transaction has been completed.
  10. Withdrawals
    1. A minimum transaction value of 10 mBTC applies to all withdrawals except those derived from straight deposits and deposits with match bonuses.
    2. Withdrawals as a result of straight deposits and deposits with a match bonus carry a 5 mBTC minimum.
    3. Player’s that have never deposited at the casino, may only make a withdrawal on any bonus, free spins or loyalty points, once a real funds deposit has been made by the player. The deposit made, will not be combined with the withdrawal amount, but rather placed in the player’s account once the withdrawal has been paid out. The player will then have access to the deposit amount as a fund balance subject to all normal casino terms and conditions. Where a player has won using their first free funds offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made), a maximum withdrawal amount of 10 mBTC applies.
    4. Where a player has won using their second free funds offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made), such winnings will be forfeited and no withdrawal will be permitted.

      A maximum of 1 withdrawal is permitted; where a player has won using a free funds offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made).
    5. Players who have previously made deposits and have won using a free funds offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made), a maximum withdrawal amount of 10 mBTC applies.
    6. Loyalty Maximum Withdrawal: All no deposit bonuses rewarded from Crypto Thrills loyalty program carry a maximum withdrawal of 70 mBTC for Pro tier level, 140 mBTC for All-Star, and 280 mBTC for Hall of Fame tiers respectively. Please note that this refers specifically and exclusively to the loyalty tier Anniversary and Birthday bonuses.
    7. Prize monies won from any of our tournaments, medals promotions, leaderboard competitions etc are all considered to be Free funds and are therefore subject to our maximum withdrawal limit of 10 mBTC. Please note that if you should win more than this amount on any further play, your limit of withdrawal will remain at 10 mBTC.
    8. All loyalty point bonuses that have been redeemed will carry a maximum withdrawal of 10 mBTC once wagering requirements have been met.
    9. For winnings accrued while playing with free bonus funds, free spins, or loyalty points, the casino will pay the maximum amount allowed as stated above for free funds and loyalty point wins. Players are advised to withdraw the maximum amount available from their winnings in full as casino cashiers will forfeit the balance of any such wins once a withdrawal has been made.
    10. Should a player proceed to wager the balance of their free funds or loyalty point winnings even after a withdrawal has been made, all further wins, loyalty points accumulated, will be considered null and void.
    11. Withdrawals will be made to your wallet address.
    12. In the event your casino account is credited with winnings that do not belong to you, for any reason, the amount credited shall remain the property of Crypto Thrills and will be deducted from your casino account. You must immediately notify us via email if you become aware of an incorrect crediting of your account. You shall not withdraw funds that has been wrongly deposited to your account, and if you do so, that amount will constitute a debt owed to us by you.
    13. Crypto Thrills will report any suspicious transaction to the relevant authorities in order to prevent funds laundering. Players shall report all suspicious activities related to Games or Services he or she may observe to Crypto Thrills.
  11. Conflict
    1. Should there be any conflict between the English language version and any other language version of the Terms and Conditions and/or any Bonus Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall take precedence and shall be final and binding.
  12. Other
    1. Due to regular adaptations to legislation preventing criminal activity such as money-laundering, financing criminal organizations, etc., Crypto Thrills adheres to anti-money laundering guidelines.
    2. Accounts believed to be fraudulently created or accounts that have inconsistent identification will be subject to procedures to establish the identity of the account holder as soon as possible.
    3. The terms contained in these Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement with regards to the website. No statement, with regards to this agreement, which is not contained herein shall be deemed valid or legally binding between the parties of this agreement.